Tuesday, August 27, 2013

July Events

I have been a total slacker about blogging this summer. I felt like I was running Jacob here and there and never had time just to sit and blog, so here goes our July. We went to Hawaii, but you already know that.
The week after we got back, Brittney and Makenzie went to Utah, Makenzie was going to BYU"s Track and Field Camp. They ran into a little luggage issue, they didn't lose it, but it came off the plane wet and smelly. They were already running behind and their ride was waiting for them so they didn't say anything to the airlines. We did send an email and they said we could send them a bill for the dry cleaning, but it had to be within a certain amount of days from the letter and we weren't going to meet the deadline. The girls laundered them outside at Dale's aunts house and they had to wash all the clothes inside.
The girls on the plane headed to Utah

The smelly clothes

Makenzie throwing the shot put

After the girls got home, Matthew headed to San Diego to meet up with a couple of his roommates that live there. He really escaped the Houston heat!

The boys got to be in an NFL commercial. They had to dress warm because even though they filmed in San Diego, this is suppose to be taking place in Denver. he got paid for doing this!

Long boarding along the coast

He visited an air craft carrier 

Matthew and his friend went to Magic Mountain and since that is by Tami and Kent's place, they had him and his friends over for dinner.

So jealous! He got to go to the San Diego Temple

After the temple they got to go out on a boat since one of his roommates father owns many.

  Mean while, while Matthew is enjoying California, Jacob was home going to fitness camp at the school and on Fridays working out with Coach Lasker, his basketball trainer. One training session he was interviewed by one of the local TV stations. They  the piece when it aired, but he is in there making lay-ups.Jacob also has started to drive our cars, with us in them of course.

Jacob and Coach talking after he ran and ran him!

Jacob being interviewed by Channel 11. 
Jacob driving my Suburban 
There were also some youth activities which required us to fill up 400 water balloons. It took way to long especially knowing they were going to be go in a few minutes! There was also shaving cream we had to buy!

The aftermath of shaving cream and water balloons

Some of the youth

The Laurels cane and swam at the house one night

Makenzie also had an MRI on her shin that has bothered her for 4 years from a soccer injury and also had some blood work and an ultrasound on her thyroid. They said they didn't see anything orthopedically they could do for her leg so they gave her a prescription for an anti inflammatory and said she could get shots if it hurts too bad. Her blood work was mostly ok, her insulin was a little high so she is on a low sugar and carb diet. They did say a couple of nodes on her thyroid were a little large, so she will have it rechecked in 6 months.

And who can forget about the dogs! Sammie still chases her toys and Charlie is just getting big!

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