Friday, August 30, 2013

Jacob's First Sophomore Game

Jacob had his first game as a sophomore. This year he is #18, that's Matthew's high school number, not only is he the same number, but he is wearing the jersey that Matthew wore his senior year. After his senior year the school got sponsored by Nike, so they got their uniforms and the old Varsity jerseys have been passed down. Jacob had a good game! He is playing corner this year. He had some good tackles and almost got an interception! He also fielded a punt and was back to field the ball on a kick off, but the ball didn't come to him. Once again it was hot!!! I was down on the field taking pictures and the heat radiating off of the turf was blistering. My feet were burning through my thin flip flops. It's a good thing those boys are young!

Warming up
Making a tackle

One of many water breaks

One of the things I get to see and hear while on the field are the coaches.
The caption for this picture is:
"What in the hell are you doing"
That comment was directed at Jacob. I laugh because this coach is Makenzie's shot and discus coach and I've never heard him raise his voice at her.

Jacob back for a kick off

He just looks hot and I'm not talking about his looks!

Running on the field  for punt return

Fielding the punt

There was a small airplane in the air and I knew Dale would be looking at it, so were a few other's.
Makenzie is laughing because she knows I'm taking a pic of Dale looking at the plane.

We won!!

After game speech

Add caption

And here is a picture of Matthew in that same jersey!

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