Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Primary kids are cuter than yours

At the end of my Primary lesson yesterday, the kids were drawing pictures of the different stories we had talked about that day. One of the girls had drawn a picture of Jesus that I thought was really good so I wanted to take a picture and before I knew it, all the girls wanted their picture taken, yes, it's a girl thing, because the boys could care less, they were all in the back doing the Gangnam Style dance. I have 5 girls and 6 boys that were there and the boys kept breaking out into the Gangnam dance during the lesson, after about the 4th time, I told them they could do it after the lesson and the next one to start dancing before then was going to their parents, it worked they held off until after the lesson and the fact that I put the snacks I brought for them outside the door kind of caught their attention also. You've got to love 11 six year olds!

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