Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Electric House

All three of the older kids have had to make an electric house for their Pre AP Physics class. This house has to have three different circuits that turn on lights and have a buzzer. My kids houses have evolved through out the years. Jacob better start planning to top Makenzie's house. He will at least have a head start with all the circuits and the switches.

These two ar from Matthew's house and to his defense, some of the furnishing were removed

These three were from Brittney's house.
She used the circuits from Matthew's house

The first floor of Makenzie's house in the works

Makenzie's group

Tangled theme. Notice the long curly blonde hair

The witchy mom

The prince isgoingto ring the door bell

Makenzie used the same circuits as the other kids and borrowed the "turn back" sign from Matthew's house 

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