Saturday, December 15, 2012

Elves and More

The girls from our high school basketball team were able to help out with an organization called Elves and More. This organization passes out 10,000 bikes to under privileged kids in the Houston area. These kids have to set a goal and meet the goal to earn the bike. We helped out at an elementary school where the girls helped unload 600 bikes and help kids pick out their bikes. It was such a joy to see the smiles on these kids faces ans they received the bike that they earned! I hope this is something the girls basketball program continues to help in.

Checking in at our high school

Makenzie unloading bikes

The bikes are starting to fill in

It's easier to ride the bike than carry it

The girls with the masked truck unloader

The girls with 4 of us moms

Courtney and Makenzie helping a little boy 

The girls with the Elves and More Founders, the Moore Family

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