Friday, December 21, 2012

Basketball and Alumni Night

Jacob and Makenzie's games were at the same time so Dale went to Makenzie's game and I went to Jacob's game. Matthew and Brittney also went to Jacob's game, but Brittney left at half time and headed to Makenzie's game because after her game it was Alumni Night at the Varsity game and Brittney wanted to be there. I left after Jacob's game and went to the high school thinking they were going to introduce the alumni at half time and I wanted to get a picture of Brittney with her friends. They just had the alumni stand up at the beginning, hardly worth rushing back to our school. Both Jacob and Makenzie won that night!

The 3 Jacob hit but they only gave him 2.
Our coach ask the score table about it and they said the ref didn't signal 3 so they asked the ref and he didn't remember.
It was the first score and only score of the game at the point, how do you not remember a 3 right after it happened.
We only won that game by 2 points. 

Made the shot...

...and the and one!

Brittney with her friend Megan Palmer and Anne Marie Zuilhof at Alumni Night
Megan plays basketball for Rice University and Anne Marie goes to Texas A&M

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