Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Rivalry Game

We had the big showdown between Cinco Ranch and that Red Team. I took my friend Anela to the game. She has lived in Texas for 7 years and has never been to a high school football game, so I took her to the big district game where there is a sell out crowd. Anela emailed me the day before and asked if a maroon ASU shirt was OK because she did not want to embarrass me. I said any color other than red was OK. It was a crazy game. We had to evacuate the stadium twice because of lightning. The second tie was during half time and then it started to pour rain. Poor Anela had had enough of the heat and then the rain, so I took her home and then the kids and I grabbed some lunch and heard the game had started again, so we went back to the stadium. Unfortunately we lost, but we did not get killed and we held our own against them. We still love our Cougars!! One more game left and then on to the playoffs.

Jacob and his friend Colin, showing off their football tan lines on their legs

Makenzie and Anela
You could never tell from the sky that we were going to get lightning and rain.

Jacob and his friends playing around at the pre-game party

Makenzie and her friend Jaylon. Jaylon is in the band and plays basketball

Cheering on our Cougars

Touchdown Cinco

A cool picture from a a friends phone.

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