Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cannon Project

Round 3 with the high school cannon project for Physics. You would think we would have it down after 3 kids. The kids get in a group and build a cannon, there are certain parameters they have to follow and there has to be a trigger mechanism. They have 2 minutes to launch tennis balls at 2 different trash cans, one is closer than the other. The close trash can is on the floor in a square and the farther one is on a table. You get a point for every tennis ball that lands in the square and you get more points if it hits the trash cans and more if one lands in it. Makenzie's groups cannon kept shooting the ball right off to the side of the square and if you corrected the position of the cannon it would shoot to the other side of the square. They only got 9 points, but a lot of the cannons this year didn't do very well. Wish we would have saved Matthew's cannon and just fixed a few things.

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