Monday, May 16, 2011

Senior Prom 2011

 Brittney's Senior Prom 

Brittney and Nathan in their group prom t-shirts

Front of the shirt and let me explain or try to.
All the kids in this group are at the top of their class so this is their form of rebellion, trying to push the limits with their
  t-shirts  This is a beer pong reference, although it could be taken differently. It uses physics equations showing how to get the ball in the cup, their physics teacher loved it! Only 1 kid out of 20 got dress coded. 

Back of the shirt

Brittney's hair.
We were sad that we didn't live closer to her cousins who could have done this for her, but a friend of ours did it for her, in fact our friend is the wife of Dale's first missionary companion in Germany

The shoes...that only made it through pictures and then she wore flats to the dance

Our beautiful daughter, inside and out

Brittney excited that she was taller than Makenzie

Wrist corsage

Acting like she is pinning on the boutonniere, I actually did it 

The whole group

All the girls in her group

Some random girls running around. My guess is they were trying to see how many people would take a picture with them, but I don't know that for sure.

My dining room after the dance. Dale and I went down to the hotel and collected all the tuxes and dresses before they headed down to Galveston. One of the girl's parents in their group has a beach house there so they went there for the after party and spent the day on the beach Sunday. As tired as I was Sunday I'm sure I'm wasn't as tired of the chaperone's at the beach house. The parents came by and picked up their tuxes so they could be returned on time and the girls really didn't want to take their dressed down there either. 

All the beautiful dresses hanging in my dining room


Erin said...

Brittney by far had the prettiest dress of the group. I honestly don't know what to think about some of the other dress. Not ugly, but definitely not my style.

Goose said...

Their shirts may be the best thing I have seen in a long time!!!