Friday, May 6, 2011

NJHS Induction

Last night Jacob was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.
He told me no camera's were allowed and that they would have a professional photographer there.
I thought there is no way they won't let parents take pictures, but sure enough they announced that they didn't want pictures taken and that the professional photographer would post his pictures on a site and we could look at them and buy the pictures. Are you KIDDING ME?? That's is why we buy cameras, so we don't have to pay someone else for pictures!!Just for the record I was not the only parent who took pictures. I took pictures of all of his friends and told their parents they just needed to tackle anyone who would try to take my camera from me. 
NJHS Certificate

Walking into the Ceremony

Receiving his certificate from the principal 

Shaking hands with the assistant principal

With friends eating refreshments

They all clean up nicely!

"Really Mom, I don't think so"

Proud Mom Moment

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Goose said...

Go Jacob! (Aunt Marti, I LOVE your skirt!)