Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Girls Camp has come and gone this year. It was a hot one! We had temps of 100+ all week. I went up as a Stake Leader, but stayed with the YCL's(5th year girls) because we had a leader drop out at the last minute and was having a hard time finding a replacement. I got to room with Kathy Cline who has worked with level the past 3 years I have been up there and is such a great leader for these girls. These girls have a lot of responsibilities and Kathy is there to guide them and make sure things get done and she is also fun!! The girls were great!! On Wednesday another person(my friend Eleanor) showed up to help out with the YCL's but I decided to stay with the girls since they were so fun to be around. They were worth giving up an air conditioned cabin!! This was Brittney's last year, so it was a little sad to see her up there doing her final 6th year program, the spiritual highlight of camp. I kept looking at her thinking, when did she get so grown up. A few tears were shed during that program. Makenzie was a 3rd year. She had fun with the ward , but will be moving on to 4th years where they get to start being leaders. I love Girls Camp and the opportunity to be there with my girls!!
Brittney and I arrived on Monday and we never get tired of this street sign. Makenzie arrived with the Wards on Tuesday.
Pictures of my girls in the craft room, on the lake and skit night.
These are the girls I was with. They had the best camp skit EVER!!!!! It was called Twil OZ. The Camp theme this year was "There's no place like home" so they combined Twilight with the  Wizard of Oz and had the best parody I have ever seen. It was so goo that they were asked to do an encore performance the next night. My friend Eleanor was taping it, but I think she was laughing so hard she couldn't keep the camera still. Hopefully someone will post it on Youtube or something so I can share it. The girls also got to spend a day on Lake Conroe, wake boarding and tubing and they also took the opportunity to run a large pare of undies, that they bought for the Rules Skit, and run them up a flag pole. I can't tell you how awesome this group of girls were. they always did what you asked them to do and did it with a smile!!  
OK, so I had to try on the tinman outfit. It was an old costume that Kathy Cline's daughter wore in a Marching band program.We all got a good laugh out of it. I was running around the camp in it because it just glowed in the dark and looked funny as I raced by. Everyone got a good chuckle out of it,(glad I went poddy before I put it on because I laughed really hard also) but it was hot to wear, so I was glad that the 6th years invited me and my partner in crime into their a/c cabin and gave us popcicles! One of the 5th year girls also gave me this heart. Kathy is now trying to find me one of these outfits from another band parent. This outfit is a must!

Friday, I took the 5th years out to the lake for boating, but I couldn't stay because I had other Stake responsibilities that day. I got back just in time to see Makenzie playing some game and wipe out. She now has a nice big scrap all over her leg....OUCH!  That night the Bishops all came up. We were all wearing our camp shirts. We had Dinner all together as a Stake. After dinner each ward wrote a song about their Bishop using a Primary tune. It was really funny and sweet to hear all the different songs. After that we all meet as Ward and our Bishop gave a devotional and we had a Testimony Meeting.

Besides the heat and some bad chigger bites, camp was great!



Karen said...

Oh Marti! I am soooo disappointed that I missed out on you playing the Tin Man....but....I heard great things :))

Clark Family said...

You rocked out that costume! Too funny! Looks like it was super fun!

Clark Family said...
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