Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Football Has Begun

Jacob had his first day of Junior High  football practice yesterday and it was a hot, steamy Houston day. I only watched for a little bit because it was too hot. It was 101 when I was there. It was 105 when I picked him up. I just watched from a distance with my telephoto zoom lens. There were many Dad's that set up camp along with umbrellas and drinks(non-alcoholic of course, school grounds), no BBQ going on though, or they could have had a real tailgate party. There still weren't as many Dad's there as there was at Matthew's first Jr. High practice in Midland. Some Dad's asked if I could even tell which child was mine. I could, by his shoes and the way he stands and runs. I was relieved when he took his helmet off for a drink , that I was actually taking pictures of the right boy.
It just looks hot!
It also feels hot!

Getting a drink, but he said the water was really warm.

This is the point that he actually sees me with my camera in the car.
I could have gone right up to the field and really been embarrassing.
I think I was the only Mom there:)

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grandma/mom said...

Aw! Brings back SO many memories! However it was not quite that hot and humid. Isn't it interesting that you tell your kids from a distance just by the way they walk or stand:) Yea! Football seasaon! Carolyn