Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Musical Children??

Over the past 4 month's the youth in our Stake have been preparing a musical presentation called From Cumorah's Hill. They performed it this last Saturday and Sunday evening at a high school theater. They actually did 2 performances on Sunday. Makenzie had a speaking part and did a great job. Then they all sang in the choir made up of 250 youth. It was a really nice program and they all sang well and said their parts well! The whole choir
Makenzie and Jacob is in the back. He was always hiding behind taller people.


Makenzie saying her part

Makenzie again
A Jacob sighting

Between performances on Sunday night

I stole all these next pictures from my friend Karen's facebook....
Thanks Karen!!!!! She was the official photographer

Jacob waiting on Saturday night

Brittney with friends at one of the rehearsals

Makenzie at a rehearsal

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Liz said...

You got some great pics. Makenzie did a great job with her part! Aren't you so proud? Your kids are so awesome!