Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jr. High Wrap Up

Makenzie had her last big Jr. High Party last night. Our school has an 8th grade dance that is almost like a mini prom. Unfortunately the weather was really bad. We had a down pour of rain that put a damper on outside and group pictures. I just took pictures of Makenzie by herself at home and I think she got a few with her friends at the dinner and dance, but we didn't want the girls running in and out of houses since they all had their hair done. Her group went to the High School where there was a catered meal and a string quartet playing. They then were shuttled on a school buses to the Jr. High for the dance and other activities. She had a really good time despite the rain. Brittney doing Makenzie's hair.
She saved me money since a lot of her friends had it done at a salon.

The rain coming down!!

She got her nails done

Brittney being a creeper!

Minus Matthew, he had a date :)

Off to the dance wit her mask.It was a masquerade theme.


Karen said...

She looks the hair & the mask :))

Kristina and Tyson said...

Her hair looks very beautiful! Good Job Brittney! She looks very beautiful too! Hope she had fun despite the rain!