Monday, December 14, 2009

Trip to Austin

We were able to make a trip to Austin Saturday. We were able to see our High School football team play in the state semi final game( boo-hoo we lost) at UT Stadium and we were able to see family! We saw Dale's brother Dave and sister-in-law Lori, Dale's nephew Tyson and his wife Kristina and their daughters, Alissa and Hannah. Hannah was just born on December 8th. She was only 4lbs 13 oz. She was so tiny. Makenzie was only 4lbs and an inch shorter. It's hard remembering Makenzie so small. We all went out to eat at Pappasito's and had a great time visiting!! Jacob before the game.
The kids minus Matthew

My darling girls
Dale and I bundled up.
It was 45 degrees and rainy. Just not used to that weather.

Me and baby Hannah

Brittney and Kristina withe the girls


Alissa playing balloon with Jacob

Baby Hannah

Brittney and Hannah

Dale hasn't lost his touch

Stretching and yawning
It was a lot of fun visiting with the "Smith's" and congratulations to Tyson and Kristina!!


grandma/mom said...
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grandma/mom said...

Sorry I really messed up on the last comment and deleted it. Anyway thanks so much for sending pictures!! So cute and it is hard to realize how tiny the new babies are.