Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas

Matthew and Makenzie dipping pretzels
Actually Matthew was eating and Makenzie was dipping
The table Jacob set
He did a great job!
Dale grilling our Filet Mignon

boys at dinner

Dale and I livening up the dinner table

The kids are full and happy!

Looked out the window to see someone killed our deer. When I got outside I was relieved to know the wind just blew it over.

Opening grandparents gifts on Christmas Eve

We got BYU headgear. Dale and I swapped for the picture.

Christmas morning.

The girls got matching PJ's, Yay!!!!

I got a new lens for my camera!!!!

This was a truck we got Jacob for Christmas when he was 10 months old. When he unwrapped it that first Christmas, the kids asked if they could put him in it and push him and of course we said no. This was all caught on tape. We wrapped it up again and this time we let the kids push him in it.

Family portrait Christmas morning

Family portrait that night
(got to love tripods and timers)

And the true Smith Family comes out

Boys trying to be cool

Piggyback rides

Truly grateful for our children!!

Hot tub after a long fun filled day!

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grandma/mom said...

I just love your family and you seem to have such a good time!