Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Texas High School Football...We Love It!

This past Saturday we had the "big rival" football game to determine the District Champions. Unfortunately our team fell short 20-21. One point! We had a chance for a field goal with 7 seconds on the clock and the kick was long enough just wide to the left. Despite the loss it was a great game. The game was sold out and the hill was were full of kids.The weather was a warm 84 degrees, and some humidity. In fact a lot of people got sunburned, but only on one side of their body. Everyone on our side of the field had burned left arms and the other side had burned right arms. A lot of excitement and school spirit and that's why we love Texas High School Football, but it was more fun when Matthew was playing!

Jacob and Brittney on the hill. Jacob came from his football game and Brittney came from her basketball games. Makenzie was in the stands. I didn't want to make her come through all the chaos just for a picture.

Jacob sitting with his friends. I was being a stalker mom :)

Cinco Ranch High School

Our Fans

The other side

And the flag waving to remind us of all the freedoms we enjoy which includes going to a football game and cheering for the team of your choice.

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