Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brittney's Physic's Project

For Brittney's Physic's class project they had to get in groups and build a cannon that shoots tennis balls. There are certain specifications you have to follow, too detailed to get into. All the groups have a competition shooting off their cannons. There are 2 targets, one at 8 meters and the other at 12 meters. At 8 meters there is a paper square with a trash can on it. If you hit the square you get 1 point and if it lands in the trash can you get 3 points. The 12 meter target is a table with a trash can on it. If you hit the table you get 1 point and in the trash can 3 points. You have 4 minutes to shoot the balls and there is also a trigger mechanism on it. You really need a good trigger to get a lot of shots off. Unfortunately Brittney's group didn't have the best trigger. They only ended up with 3 points. I know Brittney is glad this project is over. In the Spring they get to make cardboard boats and race them across the swimming pool. Brittney's group setting up the cannon and another group bribing them with cookies to vote their cannon the best looking
Brittney with her funky safety glasses

Adam hitting the trigger, you can see the tennis ball shooting out

Where's it going to go???
One last shot at it.
By the way they were going for the ugliest cannon award.

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