Friday, February 13, 2009

A Successful Girls Basketball Season

It's been an exciting week for Girls Basketball in the Smith Family. Both Brittney's and Makenzie's team won District Championships this week.

Makenzie's team was undefeated this season! They won their district championship game in overtime, 29-25. It was low scoring but very exciting. She played almost the whole game. She was exhausted by the end since she is just getting over the flu, but we had another girl on our team getting over it also and I think the other team had a few not feeling well also. You gotta love flu season. Congrats to her team!

Brittney's team only lost one game out of 28 games. They were undefeated in preseason and their first district game they lost(to a team we beat in a previous tournament). We did beat that team when we played them again. They actually are co-champs with that team, but I feel we beat them 2 out of 3 so we are the champions! They don't have playoff for the JV teams. She has come a long ways and had really good games the last 2 games. She saw a lot playing time in the end since a lot of the starters were down with the flu. Luckily Brittney made it through the season with just a cold!! These pictures are from a game last week. I didn't take any Tuesday night. I had the video camera out and was told to put it away when they weren't doing so well. They think the video camera is a jinx. In fact I had it out during the 1st quarter of Makenzie's game and they were down 0-9 so I was told to put it away during her game.

Brittney is #21

Get that rebound

A bit of a size difference, but she still handled her

This is how all the girls on the team dressed at school on game day

She is tired!!!! She played all of the game but a few minutes.

#30 in the white is probably one of the best ball players in our area, but Makenzie kept her from scoring too much!!

That is a look of joy!!!

Yes, you are #1

The happy team:)
Congratulations to my girls!!!

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