Friday, February 6, 2015

Win by a buzzer beater

We traveled to Strake Jesuit and this is a team we should have crushed, but with our winning streak, they came out and gave it their all. The game was tied up with 2 second left and Strake had the ball, they inbounded it, we(Ty) intercepted it and threw up a 3 pointer and it went in! The boys tackled Ty and about took the ref and security guard out in the process. Jacob didn't play, but was happy to get the win. Strake turned off their score board without giving us our points and one of the managers for our team turned it back on and gave us our points. Way to go the extra mile, Ryan!

It's a 3!

I think the security guard is calling for backup 

Jacob giving Ty some love

It was 48-45

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