Saturday, November 15, 2014

Play-offs Round One

Had our first play off game and it was a cold, rainy night. Let me back up by starting on the morning of that game. Jacob had been throwing up all through the night, we think he had food poisoning, but I get a text from the mom of the kid who he switches off with saying her son, Andrew has food poisoning. I thought they had eaten the same thing, but they were both out with different friends. Jacob got it all out of his system by early in the morning, but we had to work on rehydrating him and resting him up. I think Andrew had more of a stomach bug as he was still having issues come game time. Well, both played and did really well. Our team started off really slow and went into the locker room at the half behind and I was beginning to think that we were headed to basketball, but the team came out at the half and shut the other team out and scored 35 points the 2nd half and won big! I got some pictures, but not a lot to choose from since it was raining and i was having a hard time keeping my camera covered.

Saturday Night Rainy Night Lights

The weather is scary

The parents all bundled up and ready to cheer our boys on

Now I am in the stands

The final score!!

I think he feels better

How I dried off

Trying to stay warm and dry

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