Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week 8, Game 5 in District

This game went down to the very end, we won 9-7. The other team had the opportunity to kick a field goal at the very end, but missed it. Jacob did give up the touchdown the other team had, but he was right there,luckily the rest of the game he did great! There is a group family text that goes on during the game to let them know how it is going, at the end of the game, Jacob told his siblings, I gave up a touchdown, but I blocked the field goal, to which Matthew asked, "really?"  Jacob said he didn't block it, but his presence on the field caused the miss, or something to that effect.  This game was also a pink out for both teams. They sold t shirts to raise money for cancer. We had a huge crowd for a Thursday night game.

The picture from the newspaper of Jacob

Coach Simmons telling them to block the kick

That moment when you have won the game
Picture credits to my friend Katie Klingler

Here is a picture from the newspaper from the other angle

Back of my pink shirt

Front of the shirt

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