Thursday, April 17, 2014

Area meet, New PR and Advancing to Regionals

Makenzie had her Area Meet, this is our District 19-5A and 20-5A. Makenzie threw discus first and got first place with a throw of 115' 6.75". She was awarded her medal before they started shot put.

The Awarding of Medals
These girls from our district have the hand wave going on and we love it!

The top 4 girls headed to Regionals 
After the awards Makenzie headed to shot put. Her first throw was 40' 1/2" for a new PR. You would have thought he won the competition already, but we were so happy for her to finally break the 40 foot mark. She came in second place, but we kind of knew that coming into the competition. 

Makenzie and Nadia. 

The Medal Awards
We got Nadia in on the wave

The 4 girls moving onto Regionals 

And last but not least, I can't say enough about all the people who have supported Makenzie, not only does she get well wishes on Facebook, but she has people who come out and watch her. A big thanks goes out to Cindy Morris and Katie and Dave Park, Coach Fincher and his wife Mindy and Coach Mathias, your support is felt and appreciated!! Makenzie has the BEST FANS!!

Back row: Dale, Coach Mathis, Makenzie, Cindy Morris, and Marti
Front row: Dave Park, Coach Fincher, Mindy Fincher and Katie Park 

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