Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And the last basketball games of the season

Jacob played at home and got the win over Morton Ranch. The game before his went into double overtime, so his game got started really late and I only got to see his tip off and then I had to leave to go to Makenzie's game, it was the first round in the playoffs. Makenzie's team lost. She got to start and she made the first 3 points of the game and that was all. 
Her last time as a team captain for the CR Lady Cougars

Being introduced

And that would be a three!

And that 3 just hit off the rim 

I took a screen shot of this. It was in a local newspaper we don't get so I found it online

This is another article from a local newspaper that we actually got.
She is mentioned in the article and they used a picture of her!

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