Thursday, September 5, 2013

Game and Dent

Jacob had his second game and won in a shut out! It was late getting started due to lightning. When I got there our team was sitting under a covered part of the building. They let the boys out on the field and as soon as they got on it, they were moving off again for another 30 minutes. They finally got to play after an hour. It was sprinkling some so I was trying to take pictures while holding an umbrella, didn't want my camera or lens to get wet. After his game, we went back to our high school. I left the car running for Makenzie to listen to the Denver Bronco game while I ran into our stadium to give the freshman team mom something, when I got back, I found out that my car had been hit and the guy didn't even stop. There were many witnesses, but they only got the car description and the description of the man driving it. Makenzie got out of the car and tried to get a picture of his car, but he was driving off so fast. What a jerk!! The school police took a report, but doubt if they will find him.

Waiting to play. Jacob must have known I was trying to take a picture, since he was always hiding behind someone.

Finally heading out to the field

Ready to play

Jacob's almost interception. Very blurry since i was trying to watch and take a picture, plus I was holding an umbrella

Although we got some rain, it was really hot and humid

Jacob making a tackle

We won 42-0!

The nice present the jerk left on my car.

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