Monday, September 10, 2012

Week Two of Football

Jacob's game last Thursday Night was a hot one!! His game wasn't quite as hot as the Freshman B team that played before them, but his team sat out in the hot sun before and during that game. I was on the sidelines taking pictures and I was so hot and can't even imagine how those boys felt in pads and helmests running around.

Like I said, it cooled down some when the sun went down, but I think Jacob's team was pretty drained from sitting in the heat for 2 1/2 hours. His team tied 20-20. Thought we were going to win it in the last few seconds, we threw a pass to an open receiver and he was stopped inches short of the goal line. BUMMER!

Here are some pics from that day.
Jacob's team sitting out in the sun

This is some of the B Team players when they came off the field, they are hot and exhausted

Makenzie and Dale sitting in the sun 

Jacob getting ready to warm up

Look at that flexibility...NOT

Catching a pass in warm ups

A pass coming to him during the game....

...but #20 broke it up. Bummer because it would have been a touchdown.

Jacob in on a tackle

In on another tackle

Pushing the kid out of bounds

Getting a "good job" from one of the coaches

Making another tackle and then the ref stepped into my shot so I couldn't get the whole tackle

A refreshing drink of water!

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