Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Shower and New Friends

Saturday, I gave my new friend, Gillian Turek, a Baby Shower. I just met Gillian a few months ago in Relief Society as she and her husband had just moved in. She is Due May 4th and since this is her first child and in a new place with no one she knows, I thought she should have a baby shower. I just invited everyone from the Ward since she doesn't know too many people. We had a good turn out and the group that showed up were a lot of fun. We all got to know each other a little bit more as well as getting to know Gillian. Dale said he wish he had recorded us because we were so loud. Jacob made a comment to the effect that, know wonder they did away with multiple wives, I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the women in our house so he and the friend that spent the night went to the friends house. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that Gillian got a baby shower.

Here is my first attempt at a diaper cake. I had my good friend Jeanne Bennett help me as she is the queen of ribbon and bows and just creative. I got the idea from a picture I saw and went from there.

The food

Jeanna Neilson, Marci Freeman, Susan Combs, Gillian Turek and Denise Killingsworth

Melissa White and Jeanne Johnson

Aitran Jaime and Sue Brown

Kelly Dexter, Amber Brunson and Jennifer Wilkes

Jill Sampson being a big help with the gifts so I could take pictures

Love newborn baby hats!!

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