Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Makenzie's Sophomore Homecoming

Makenzie attended Homecoming this year. She went with a small group of friends.
She made her own mum this year since she was taking Floral Design, she got a 100 on it!
Her group kept it very simple. they took pictures, went back to a house and had pizza and wings, went to the dance, came back to a house and swam, ate more goodies and watched part of a movie. I love simple get togethers!! They were going to make smores, but since there is a fire ban here, they would have been making them illegally. they really wanted those illegal smores! Makenzie had a great time and has some awesome friends that she was able to share it with!  
The top of the mum

The finished product

Makenzie with some of her basketball buddies

Makenzie and her friends from her Floral Design class

Brittney's roommate, Julia, was home for homecoming, so she gets a picture with Makenzie.
Poor Brittney was stuck in freezing cold Provo.

Makenzie and the parentals

Dressed and ready to go

The girls in her group. there was one guy, but he wasn't there yet.

She is so beautiful!!

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