Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another One Leaves the Nest

We arrived in Provo on Monday Night the 22nd.
Tuesday,the 23rd. we spent the day getting her BYU ID and Sports Pass and did some shopping for the dorm and bought some BYU clothes for the others back home.
Wednesday, the 24th, she moved into the dorms.
Making a trip to campus to get her ID and Sports Pass.
Glad we went before everyone got there the next day to get into the dorms, we totally missed the crowds.

The Bell Tower

Brittney's car is loaded and headed to unload at the dorms

Got the bed made with the quilt that Grandma Brink made her

Computer up and running!

Welcome to BYU Brittney

Brittney with her friend Chantel from home

Marti(aka proud mom) and Brittney

Brittney with her roommate Julia Hatfield
Watch out Provo, Texas girls are in the house!

Brittney's first day of classes.
Thank you Brittney for the picture!

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