Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Phone Call

Yay!! Our phone call from Matthew!!
Dale brought his nice speaker phone  from work home for us to use.
It was so good to hear his voice. We were able to talk for 4 hours. We got a much better understanding of the challenges he has in his mission. The culture is so different than ours, but he seems to roll with it. A lot of the missionaries who are native have a different standard of obedience than Matthew which is hard, He was talking about movies he and his companion have been invited to watch, which aren't appropriate. He now has a new hate for chickens. I guess they run wild through the streets and are loud. He wishes he could shoot them for dinner.  The electricity is usually off more than it is on. He says the people around there just sit around waiting for it to come on then they all cheer when it does. I know he likes it on so he can run his fan and take showers since it takes electricity to run the water pump. He is enjoying his mission and his Spanish was really good. He would talk to his companion and he sounded fluent! It was hard to hang up! I had no problem talking to him, it was just hard to say goodbye. I'm sure it was harder for him. I'm just happy that he chose to serve a mission, I probably would be more sad if he chose not to. He is greatly missed but know he is doing what he should be doing. He's almost at 6 months, a quarter of the way through.    

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