Saturday, July 17, 2010

And He's Off

Well, we got Matthew off to the MTC on July 14, 2010. He was ready to go after waiting for 4 months. The night before he took off, Dale gave him a Father's Blessing and I thought I was going to fall apart. The kids laughed at how much I was crying.  On the 14th we arrived at the MTC about 10:55 am. We had an appointment to have Matthew set apart as a missionary. Our Stake President was suppose to be in town on business, and was going to set him apart, but that fell through so luckily we were able to have it done at the MTC. While waiting to be set apart, we were all in tears. While he was being set apart, the kids all were crying, I was actually calmed by the blessing, still teary, but calm. Afterwards, he got his suitcases and we said goodbye and left. Poor Jacob, I think t really hit him that his brother is going to be gone for 2 years. We went to lunch with Dale's Aunt and Uncle afterwards. We were seated next to two other people who were getting ready to drop son's off at the MTC. One family started to take pictures and it made Jacob cry. Dale's Aunt Carolyn told Jacob it would be a good time for him to ask for something, since we all felt so bad for him. Dale was going to ask them to leave since they were upsetting his family, just kidding of course. We are extremely  proud of Matthew and wouldn't want him any other place, but we will miss him.  As soon as we start getting mail an emails from him, I will start a blog for those that want to follow his mission. 

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