Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Point Guard?

Brittney got to play some point guard last night. She played some last game also.I didn't get a picture last week because I was in shock to see her playing that position. This is so not her specialty and so out of her comfort zone, but she did a good job. Taking the ball down the court

Another trip down the court


Taking it to the basket

I think she scared the defender in this one!
The girl is crying for her mom.

We are the visitor and came up with the win

OK... You decide....
Giraffe or Mustang?

A few years ago we were the football game of the week when we played this school .The TV crews came to our schools the morning of the game and film the band and cheerleaders. One of the news anchor made a comment something like, Go Giraffe's. He later apologized when he found out it was a Mustang, but put up a picture of Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys-R-Us so you could see the similarities. I'm with the news anchor.


Erin said...

Sports anchors say the stupidest things some times; Like when the All Stars were at Coors Field and during the homerun derby the anchor said their would be a lot of home runs because there is less gravity in Colorado. I can cut this guys some slack though because that mascot is definitely a giraffe.

Marti said...

It was the weatherman and not the sports anchor. He was watching from the studio. It sure gives our school something to harass them about.