Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homecoming Weekend

It was Homecoming last weekend, so it was full of football, spirit rallies and the "Dance". Our football game was on Thursday night. That was an odd day for the game, but they won! Brittney wore her mum to school and the game. She didn't have the biggest mum, but it was the loudest.
The dance was Saturday night. She was in a group with 3 other couples. After the dance they came to our house and had an after party till 2 am. I think they would have stayed all night, but Dale kind of ended the party. Brittney's date had at least an 1 1/2 hour drive home. Dale just trying to be considerate to her date and his dad who was sleeping outside in his truck. Brittney before the football game
Jacob is also ready for the game

Brittney's Mum.
Juniors mum's are silver and white. Some people put a splash of their schools colors in it, but she didn't want any maroon in it.

After the game

Before her date arrived she went to her friend's house to take a few pictures together. Her friend was in a different group.
Yay for Homecoming!!!
They took a jump on the trampoline
Wrist corsage


The group
We took these in a newly built home that was having an open house.

The girls

The guys

Jarrett and Brittney

The tunnel

The group

Two alligators in the lake by where we took the pictures.
Homecoming 2009 Successful!

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